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Training Services

We customize proven training programs to best suit our clients’ objectives and work environments. Our trainings are compelling, effective, and designed to be immediately useful to participants. We use a variety of tools and techniques in the trainings, including brief lectures, interactive written materials, audio and video recordings, facilitated discussions, as well as exercises and simulations drawn from environments similar to those of the participants.

Our training progams include:

Success Signals
Leadership Style Makes a Difference
RESOLVE to Create Better Relationships & Results
RESOLVE to Negotiate Great Agreements
Hear Well! Speak Well!
Facilitating With Style
Change Happens
Your Empowerment Toolkit
When Bad Things Happen to Good Departments
Bargaining in Financially Turbulent Times
Labor-Management Relations: An Historical Perspective and a Look Ahead

Success Signals*

Success Signals is a highly acclaimed book, public television program, and workshop offered by Agreement Dynamics, Inc. If you want to build rapport and get more out of your interactions with others, this approach is for you. Using Success Signals, you will discover how easy it is to:

• Communicate to get more of what you want from others
• Avoid the most common conflicts encountered in day-to-day life
• Build more successful teams using the Success Signals approach
• Get respect from those who communicate very differently than you
• Create win-win situations with your employer, your co-workers and your family

This innovative, fun and energizing tool provides powerful and practical ways to improve relationships at work, at home and in the community.

• RATED #1 WORKSHOP: University of Washington Staff Effectiveness Conference, Southwest Leadership Conference, Midwestern States Legislative Conference, Non-Partisan Leadership Training Conference for Council of State Governments West and many others
• Credit course for UW Training and Development Certification Program
• Aired on public television stations

Watch a short Success Signals presentation at Seattle Rotary

Rotary Club of Seattle Luncheon Meeting July 15, 2015 from ProMotion Arts on Vimeo.

Leadership Style Makes a Difference

Some people seem to have a “magic touch” that enables them to get things done AND build strong relationships in the process. They appear to communicate effectively with everyone, inspiring others to follow them. Actually, this isn’t magic; these skills can be developed. Participants in this course learn to understand more about unique communication styles, read and respond to communication signals in their interactions, explore how communication style can help or hinder leadership, gain the keys to a successful leadership style, and practice using style to increase leadership effectiveness.

RESOLVE to Create Better Relationships and Results*

Learn the secrets of solving problems and resolving conflicts in a way that makes your relationships stronger and agreements more lasting. RESOLVE provides not only the mechanics of a successful approach, but also the interpersonal communication, creativity and relationship-building techniques critical to resolving differences. It focuses on how to build trust, respect, understanding and esteem. It also provides tools to resolve problems based on the needs of those affected so that decisions have buy-in and support. This workshop has been field-tested and refined over a 20-year period, and has been used successfully by more than 500 organizations with a variety of applications including solving problems, reducing conflicts, negotiating multi-party agreements, and achieving more creative decision making.

RESOLVE to Negotiate Great Agreements*

This RESOLVE workshop is designed specifically for labor and management to get more of what each wants out of contract negotiations—including a healthier working relationship and mutually-beneficial agreements.

Hear Well! Speak Well!*

Successful communication at all levels of an organization is a true art form. How should a leader disseminate information most effectively to all employees? How can leadership truly encourage input from those who are knowledgeable about how to improve the bottom line? How should a manager respond effectively to concerns, rumors and unpopular feedback? How, when, and in what ways can supervisors, managers, directors, and CEOs give feedback?

Through a unique approach called “Constructive Dissent”, this workshop offers tools to encourage feedback in ways that will build a stronger organization from the bottom up. While originally developed for use in police departments, the course can be tailored for any organization wanting to raise their communication to an art form and strengthen the organization’s effectiveness.

Facilitating with Style

This workshop provides basic facilitation skills to help groups achieve great results together. Some key elements of this training include:

• Understanding communication and style techniques to more effectively facilitate
• How to structure a meeting for success
• Process tools to resolve issues, generate ideas, analyze them, and reach consensus (in real time)
• Collaborative decision-making tools
• Effective information gathering tools
• Techniques to help the “hard to serve”

Change Happens!

We’re living in an era of ever-more change. All the indicators point to continued acceleration of both the amount and the pace of organizational change. The good news is that there are effective tools for keeping your health, quality of life, and sense of control in this age of dynamic change. There are also ways to motivate employees to accept and work with job-related change. 

In this engaging, high impact workshop you will learn:

• The key factors in responding successfully to change
• How to convert unwanted change into helpful change
• The essential steps to making change work for you and others in your organization
• How to survive and thrive in the midst of personal changes

Come prepared to change your outlook on change!

Your Empowerment Toolkit

How can you live your hopes instead of your fears? With a set of tools that you can use to claim your personal power in difficult situations. This workshop helps participants understand how to assess what is in their sphere of influence and provides tools in the Six C’s of Empowerment (Clarity, Confidence, Communication, Courage, Creativity and Compassion).

When Bad Things Happen to Good Departments

Is your department experiencing more EEO, customer, and staff complaints? Are turnover, absenteeism, and/or lawsuits on the rise? If so, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn tips to recognize the symptoms of departmental dysfunction, gain tools to reverse organizational decline and take proactive steps to assist the department to be the most effective and creative one it can be.

Bargaining in Financially Turbulent Times

Look inside some of the most difficult labor negotiations in public-sector history with Rhonda Hilyer. She is the trainer and facilitator who has helped both labor and management craft innovative contracts in the state of California before, during and since the economic crisis struck in 2008. Ms. Hilyer has been working with governments, like the City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to name a few. She has helped labor and management to negotiate or renegotiate productive agreements that meet the needs of both employer and employee. These efforts have fostered a variety of new approaches and policies that will probably become the standard for years to come. Learn her methodology for bargaining and gather tips for negotiation success during these difficult times. Her experience and skills are extremely unique and unparalleled in the labor relations arena.

Labor-Management Relations: An Historical Perspective and a Look Ahead

This insightful workshop, developed by labor-relations expert Rhonda Hilyer, reviews the history of work from craft guilds to the 21st century attempts at joint collaboration between labor and management. With a realistic look at the oft-adversarial nature of labor and management, the workshop compares traditional labor relations systems to the benefits achieved by forging a more collaborative working relationship. The workshop also examines the new leadership roles for labor and management as they adapt to the paradigm of non-adversarial advocacy. This workshop is a good primer for labor and management groups who wish to achieve a more effective and positive work environment with a more satisfied work force.

* Also offered in train-the-trainer format.


“In my 30+ years of credit union management, I have attended many conferences and seminars. Yours was the most skilled and effective workshop I have ever had the pleasure to attend.”

-James Dugan, Former Teamsters Credit Union Manager
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