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“When failure is not an option, I call Agreement Dynamics. No question about it.”

-Phil Kushlan, Executive Director,
Capital City Development

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Organization Development Consulting

Organizations are experiencing continuous and rapid change with no end in sight. With change come many challenges and, often, uncertainty and fear. The symptoms are obvious: people are in conflict, customers are complaining, projects aren’t getting done on time, services are reduced, and grievances are on the rise. Figuring out both what is causing these symptoms and how to address them both now and into the future is Agreement Dynamics' forte.

We have many years of experience assessing organizational dynamics and recommending high-leverage interventions. Our consultants are experienced in working with all levels of an organization, from senior leadership to line employees. We utilize time-tested assessment tools and unique intervention strategies to prevent problems from escalating, improve performance, and get individuals and groups back on course. Our comprehensive action plans provide for both short- and long-term results.

Leadership Strengths Assessment and Coaching

High quality leadership is key to navigating the rapids of change in today’s environment. Wading through the many assessment instruments and types of coaching to develop your leadership team can be a time consuming and sometimes less-than-effective exercise.

Agreement Dynamics consultants have ascertained a few key quantitative and qualitative leadership assessment tools to develop employees from the supervisor to CEO. The consultants will follow up after assessments with customized, focused coaching to improve communication skills, leadership and management abilities. Agreement Dynamics also offers tools for leaders to use in assessing their own organizations, giving them the capability to diagnose systemic problems, and determine when and how to intervene.

Labor-Management Relations

After logging more than 20 years experience as a local, national and international labor leader, Agreement Dynamics founder Rhonda Hilyer decided that it was time to change the way negotiations work. She also sought to improve the working relationships between labor and management. Her approach, called “RESOLVE,” is a collaborative program for contract negotiations and day-to-day problem solving. Collaboration often results in increased trust and respect between parties, decreased time at the table in subsequent negotiations, and contracts that are ratified by a large percentage of union members. For nearly 20 years, Agreement Dynamics consultants have successfully assisted organizations in transforming labor-management relations both here and abroad. (See also "Bargaining in Financially Turbulent Times" presentation.)

Conflict Resolution—Consulting, Training and Facilitation

Unnecessary conflict robs organizations of productivity, innovation, and employee morale, while increasing workforce turnover. Agreement Dynamics offers consulting, training and facilitation services to both intervene in current conflicts and help prevent future ones. Our consultants are experienced in helping individuals and groups move through the stages of anger, mistrust and resentment to a productive focus on understanding and addressing the core interests of all parties in the conflict situation.

Strategic Planning

With decreased budgets and outcome-based evaluation, more and more organizations are turning to consultants skilled in developing strategic plans. Agreement Dynamics consultants help organizations galvanize around a clear mission, and develop short- and long-term goals and action plans to achieve the organization’s vision. We are experts in designing exciting planning processes that ensure effective stakeholder involvement while getting the job done in real time.


When done “right,” a survey can be an inexpensive, effective and quick tool to assess an organization’s health, employee attitudes and gather feedback to improve processes. When done “wrong,” a survey can backfire and create mistrust, low response rates and/or unclear, useless data. The difference between Agreement Dynamics’ approach and so many others is our diversity, customization and experience. We can quickly determine the best method (online, interviews, focus groups or a combination) and design questions and feedback mechanisms that get comprehensive and insightful responses. We have successfully administered numerous surveys for small, medium, and large employers.

Homeowner associations, Pierce County, and Puget Sound Energy representatives celebrate the successful negotiation of the homeowners agreement for Lake Tapps.


“When failure is not an option, I call Agreement Dynamics. No question about it.”

- Phil Kushlan, Executive Director, Capital City Development Corporation
Former Executive Director, Washington State Public Stadium Authority
Former City Manger, Bellevue, Washington
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