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This highly acclaimed book, written by Agreement Dynamics President Rhonda Hilyer, is essential reading if you want to quickly build rapport with others, resolve conflicts and have your intended message understood. From the opening passages to the closing remarks, you will be entertained, inspired, and empowered by this simple, yet effective approach. This book is based on a workshop that has been taught to over 500,000 people in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. Ms. Hilyer brings more than 30 years negotiation, facilitation and mediation experience to her writings, and the book's humor and positive approach will enrich your communication in immediate and lasting ways.


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"The Success Signals material is excellent. It teaches a valuable management tool and presents it in a non-judgmental and easy-to-use way."

- Marcia Navajas, MHSA
Health Services Administrator, King County Juvenile Detention Center



Aired on public television stations, the program’s author, Rhonda Hilyer, presents her  highly acclaimed workshop to a live studio audience. Powerful and practical approaches to communication success are presented with compelling examples, wit and humor.  This is an important addition to your Success Signals library, so order your copy today.



Rhonda Hilyer combines two of her popular audio programs onto one CD:

• Anger Tools provides insight into the types of anger we encounter, when anger can be appropriate, how to defuse our own anger and that of others and how to overcome chronic anger.
• Trust and Respect offers tools to build trust between individuals. Ms. Hilyer’s engaging and humorous discussion looks at reality checks, respect, and esteem-building behaviors.



Just as each of us has a unique manner or style of communicating, we also have preferred ways of giving and receiving recognition. Understanding your recognition style and those of others is critically important to your success. It’s also fun and easy when you scan the 52 Ways to Recognize with Style card deck that is packed with useful tips. The deck includes an educational card game called “I’ve Got Style” as well as a Recognition Style Profile to learn more about you and your team’s style preferences.

“When failure is not an option, I call Agreement Dynamics. No question about it.”

-Phil Kushlan, Executive Director,
Capital City Development


“If you want a success tool that’s simple, fun to learn and that really delivers, read the Success Signals  book.”

- John Swanson, Former Labor Relations Director, Port of Seattle

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