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Agreement Dynamics facilitators have helped ensure the success of retreats for organizations ranging from small non-profits to some of the largest corporations in the nation.  Whether the purpose of the retreat is for teambuilding, or a nose-to-the-grindstone intense work session, an Agreement Dynamics facilitator will ensure that the retreat will go smoothly and meet the needs of the participants in real time.

Retreat Facilitation

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Agreement Dynamics - Facilitation



Complex, Multi-Party Negotiation Facilitation

Multi-party negotiations are becoming more common as diverse parties struggle to come to agreements mandated by federal, state, and local governments.  Using effective collaboration tools, Agreement Dynamics assists the parties in reaching mutually beneficial and lasting agreements. Our team designs and facilitates stakeholder, committee, and/or task force meetings, as well as handles logistic and administrative support for the groups. (See Facilitating Complex Issues)


Labor Negotiation Facilitation

Agreement Dynamics facilitates a wide array of negotiations.  Unlike a mediator, who is usually engaged when the process breaks down, a facilitator is useful throughout the entire negotiation, keeping the discussions respectful and on-track.  Our facilitators have specialized in negotiation facilitation for over 20 years and were negotiators themselves before they were facilitators.  As a result of our practical experience and understanding of both labor organizations and management, Agreement Dynamics is sought out by both labor and management clients in the public and private sectors. Whether it’s bargaining units of 18 or 80,000, Agreement Dynamics has unique capabilities to help parties achieve mutually acceptable agreements.


Public Process Facilitation

Public agencies are facing increasing demands to incorporate stakeholder input into policymaking.  Agreement Dynamics has extensive experience in this regard, including facilitating public meetings and focus groups, convening stakeholder discussions, and one-on-one stakeholder interviewing.  Agreement Dynamics consultants can design the meetings, handle the logistics, facilitate the group, and supply a written report and recommendations to the agency upon completion of the process.

Failure was Never an Option: Lake Tapps Task Force
On February 5, 2010, after more than a decade of negotiations, the Task Force and community celebrate the saving of Lake Tapps. Comprised of more than 38 stakeholder groups representing cities, counties, regional, state, federal, private, homeowner and tribal stakeholders, the Task Force was facilitated by Agreement Dynamics.

“When failure is not an option, I call Agreement Dynamics. No question about it.”

-Phil Kushlan, Executive Director,
Capital City Development

“Rhonda you are truly amazing.  I do not know how you do this.  Your ability to balance interests and keep everyone together (or apart as appropriate) is a gift.”

- Suzanne Mason, Former Director of Human Resources,
City of Long Beach, CA

“Rhonda Hilyer has been invited back to facilitate our council retreats over and over. She is a master at knowing when to take a strong hand or to facilitate more from behind the scenes. From developing consensus-based agendas to reaching results on time, she keeps everyone focused and engaged in a spirited discussion.”

- Rich Conrad, City Manager,
Mercer Island, WA

“On behalf of the Lynnwood City Council, thank you for facilitating our retreat. The mini course on communications was an eye opener, and I think this is a good beginning for the team.“

- Ted Hikel, Council President,
City of Lynnwood

"Oh behalf of the staff and City Council, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you performed as our facilitator. You are a great listener, and were able to quickly come up to speed on the issues. Your kind, sensitive and supportive approach was very effective. Your training material was excellent and I'm sure will help us all see issues from others' point of view more readily."

- Gerald Gehring, Mayor, City of University Place, Washington

- Robert Stowe, City Manager, City of Mill Creek

"Please accept this letter as a thank you for your work in facilitating the City's Legislative retreat. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the City Councilmembers about you and the outcome of the retreat."